Let's Take Care Of Each Other!

Here is how we are monitoring and managing the every-changing COVID-19 situation.  Our door handles, desks, switches, phones and all shared surfaces are being wiped down multiple times a day.  We can provide non-contact drop off and pick up of your vehicle, if you choose.  Please let us know and we can accommodate.  Your vehicle’s steering wheel, door handles, keys and gear shift will be wiped down prior to pickup.   As a team, we are practicing social distancing, hand washing and not handshake or hug rules right now for all our safety.

Accidents Happen

When an accident happens, your insurance company may want you to go to the shop of THEIR choice. Deals are made in big office towers with body shop multi-store operations and promises are made to have the insurance companies direct you to their choice. You DO however have the right to have your vehicle repaired at YOUR choice of repair shops. Fortunately, in small areas such as Camrose you have one of the best choices in the country. The Auto Shoppe works for ALL insurance companies and as such have developed a strong reputation with them all. It is up to you to request The Auto Shoppe as your repair shop to your insurance adjuster. We can handle the rest.



What We Do Best

The Auto Shoppe prides itself on being the very best choice for you and your vehicle repairs. We are well known for our attention to detail and our front end staff strive every day to deliver the best customer experience. We back that up with a lifetime guarantee that is the best in the business. From the time you drop off the keys to the time you pick them up, we work hard to deliver what we promise. WOW, Now that’s a body shop!

Certified Collision Care

In 2016 The Auto Shoppe took on the task of becoming one of the very first collision repair shops in Canada to achieve certified recognition with vehicle manufacturers. This group includes Ford, Chrysler, Kia, Nissan, Toyota and more. It is not an easy task as it requires having the proper equipment and being able to follow manufacturers’ repair guidelines. Also, all of our techs had to complete strenuous welding tests and up to date individualized courses on ADAS (advanced driver assist systems). The shop also has to complete an annual audit to stay current with today’s technology. We are very proud of this achievement, our shop is among the very best in the country.

Who’s working on my car?

The Auto Shoppe has a team of unbelievable people. They are young and very enthusiastic about their abilities and everything they touch is handled with professional care. All of our technicians are trained to the top level of their trade. From our front staff who are trained in customer service, insurance communication, estimating and damage analysis, to our techs who are trained in structural repairs, aluminum capability and the latest in refinishing techniques, and paintless dent repair (hail damage). We have parts and detail people that all work together to deliver the best possible experience for you our customer.

Paintless Dent Repair

Alberta’s weather can be hard on vehicles. Unfortunately, adverse weather conditions are a part of life here in Alberta. Therefore, being an Albertan, it is more than likely that you will be affected by hail damage to your vehicle. It can be a very disheartening sight to see one of your valuable assets damaged but don’t be alarmed. The Auto Shoppe will assist you in repairing your vehicle in short order.

Our services

Collision Repair

The Auto Shoppe strives to complete work on vehicles as efficiently as possible. We want to get your car back on the road as soon as we can.

Hail Damage

We are trained to identify hail damage & can classify what can be repaired with PDR & what will need to be conventionally repaired. We have the staff & tools to handle all repairs as per approved estimate. 

Auto Detailing

Exterior and Interior Vehicle Detailing In Camrose

Our Certifications

How can we help

Estimate Process

Insurance Process


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an estimate?
Estimates are available for your convenience. Call for an appointment today.
How it will affect my Insurance premiums?
Every policy is different and discussing your options with your insurance broker is always the most accurate information for our circumstances. Many insurance companies now have a forgiveness clause so it’s best to discuss this directly with your insurance company.
How long will I be without my car?
We attempt to get you back into your vehicle as soon as we can. We understand it is stressful to be without your own vehicle. We will attempt to book your repairs at the best time to allow proper repair time planning to occur.
I would like to have you do the work but my insurance company says you’re not on the preferred list. Does that matter?
We warranty all work completed at The Auto Shoppe. We stand behind our work and your satisfaction is our priority.
Will you use genuine parts?
Every vehicle has a different story and parts can sometimes make a large difference in the repair of your vehicle. Several factors determine what parts are used in the repair process and we attempt to ensure all parts are fit properly and work effectively with the vehicle. Your repairs will be inspected to ensure your satisfaction will be guaranteed.
How soon can you fix my car if I pick your shop?
Every repair is scheduled into the shop to complete repairs in a timely fashion. If your vehicle is determined to be undrivable, we will enter it into the body shop ASAP. We know you need your vehicle back and we are here to try to make the process as smooth as possible.
Do you have loaner cars?
We don’t have loaner cars on site. We can make the arrangements for you with the local Enterprise rental car in Camrose. Many policies include a Loss of Use and this will determine if you have paid for this amenity. We can assist you in discovering if you have the coverage and how much your coverage will allow you.
I’m with ABC insurance, do you work with them?
The Auto Shoppe can create an estimate for any insurance company operating in Alberta and neighbouring provinces. We respect all insurance companies and always attempt to work together to make sure our customers are pleased.
Will you guarantee your work?
We guarantee all work completed at The Auto Shoppe. Your satisfaction is our priority.
You don’t use body filler do you?
Technologies have changed and so have products. The Auto Shoppe only uses products that have proven themselves compatible with our Alberta environment. Our products are environmentally sensitive and can stand up to what our weather can dish out.

Our Latest News

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Our Testimonials

"Beautiful job and no stress for me. Rental arranged, job finished earlier than estimated. Thanks."

- Val M.

"Xcellent service. I will recommend to friends."

- AM

"Impressive business. Clean shop, courteous staff. They got my vehicle fixed quickly. From start to finish I was impressed and pleased."

- Anonymous 

"Thank you very much to Jenn for keeping me updated, being accessible and easily approachable. And super thank you to Ryan for the excellent work and supportive demeanor. Accidents can be very stressful. It’s invaluable to have someone who is sincere and thoughtful."

- Teresa K.

"The Folks at The Auto Shoppe went above and beyond for my poor jeep."

- Angelina

"Amazing repairs to my vehicle following some intense hail damage. Interior was spotless- looked like a new vehicle when I picked it up from the shop. Very impressed with the attention to detail and workmanship! Well done!"

- Micheal

"Thanks for all your assistance with our hail damage repair. Your repair work is superb, the vehicle is back as it was before the hail. We are extremely happy with the repairs. Thanks again."

- Kirk

"Was very pleased that my car came back clean, inside and out. Thank you for going above and beyond."

- Brittany

"I would like to acknowledge the great customer service provided by Dan, Ryan and Jenn. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional and very helpful."

- Jeff

"Very friendly and helpful. Really felt cared about."

- Danny

"I appreciate the quality of the work done but also find delightful the interface with the front office. The staff are friendly, professional, accommodating and reassuring. The Auto Shoppe is the only auto body shop in Camrose we would ever consider using."

- Terry

"Would highly recommend them. Super friendly and informative. Workmanship above none. Great work."

- Jessica

"I stopped in not knowing what to expect. The admin was very friendly and efficient. Ryan came to help right away. He had me on my way good as new in 15 mins! Blown away by his kindness, honesty and fast efficient work. Thanks so much! Would recommend this shop."

- Elaina

"Thank you so much for the perfection you put into my car! Can’t even tell it was ever hit and you went above and beyond…cleaned my car inside and out. Great service and done before the date given. Thanks again and I would recommend you to everyone."

- Nancy

This is the third time I’ve had a vehicle in for repairs here. Once again top notch service. I’ve been let in on every step of the process, contacted with how I would like to proceed with things not covered by insurance and had options explained in detail to me. I’m not mechanically inclined so I really appreciate the patience taken to make me feel like I can make informed decisions. The quality of interactions is consistent regardless of who has helped me every time I’ve trusted my vehicles there for repairs. And the workmanship is outstanding.

- J'aime M

"Your business is the exact epitome of true down home customer care and client service! Thank you ever so much!!!"

- Amy