Serious damage to a vehicle can occur in only a few moments, but restoring it to pristine condition requires the skill and knowledge of professional body repair technicians. A systematic approach includes disassembly of the vehicle to assess internal damage, ordering parts and making repairs. Advances in technology have made it possible for our auto body shop to restore vehicles so that all signs of damage are impossible to detect. Painting and reassembling the vehicle is followed by detailing that makes each vehicle look new again.

Expanding Service through Technology
As demands for quality service have increased, technology has provided ways to meet them. At the Auto Shoppe, we use products that are compatible with the environment in Alberta, and we choose those that are environmentally sensitive. Our team of professional auto body repair specialists is experienced in assessing the needs of each vehicle and in providing the highest quality of service. Some of the auto body repair tips camrose that we use on our clients’ vehicles include these:

• Cleaning and Sanding the Damaged Area
A good repair starts with a thorough cleaning of the area, and sanding it down to the original paint provides a proper surface.

• Removing Exterior Trim
Bumpers, mirrors and decorative trim must come off so that our auto body specialists can work on the damaged metal behind them.

• Making Structural Repairs
Our specialists use sophisticated computer systems to precisely measure and analyze the frame of each vehicle so that we can restore it to the manufacturer’s specifications. Under our expert hands, a vehicle resumes the shape that it had prior to encountering an object that damaged it. When all parts of a vehicle are properly installed and carefully aligned, it is ready to go to our paint department.

• Masking
One of the most important steps in auto body work is masking in preparation for applying primer and filler coats. We check the vehicle color code so that we can perfectly match the existing color unless an owner prefers to choose a new one. Careful masking prevents paint from entering areas that do not require it.

• Applying an Even Coat of Paint
After several coats of primer and filler have made a damaged surface ready to paint, we apply a lustrous coat that is smooth and beautiful.

• Adding the Finishing Touch
A trip through our detail department ensures each car of a perfect appearance when we return it to its proud owner.