Can I get an estimate?
Estimates are available for your convenience. Call for an appointment today.
How soon can you fix my car if I pick your shop?
Every repair is scheduled into the shop to complete repairs in a timely fashion. If your vehicle is determined to be undrivable, we will enter it into the body shop ASAP. We know you need your vehicle back and we are here to try to make the process as smooth as possible.
How it will affect my Insurance premiums?
Every policy is different and discussing your options with your insurance broker is always the most accurate information for our circumstances. Many insurance companies now have a forgiveness clause so it’s best to discuss this directly with your insurance company.
Do you have loaner cars?
We don’t have loaner cars on site. We can make the arrangements for you with the local Enterprise rental car in Camrose. Many policies include a Loss of Use and this will determine if you have paid for this amenity. We can assist you in discovering if you have the coverage and how much your coverage will allow you.
How long will I be without my car?
We attempt to get you back into your vehicle as soon as we can. We understand it is stressful to be without your own vehicle. We will attempt to book your repairs at the best time to allow proper repair time planning to occur.
I’m with ABC insurance, do you work with them?
The Auto Shoppe can create an estimate for any insurance company operating in Alberta and neighbouring provinces. We respect all insurance companies and always attempt to work together to make sure our customers are pleased.
I would like to have you do the work but my insurance company says you’re not on the preferred list. Does that matter?
We warranty all work completed at The Auto Shoppe. We stand behind our work and your satisfaction is our priority.
Will you guarantee your work?
We guarantee all work completed at The Auto Shoppe. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Will you use genuine parts?
Every vehicle has a different story and parts can sometimes make a large difference in the repair of your vehicle. Several factors determine what parts are used in the repair process and we attempt to ensure all parts are fit properly and work effectively with the vehicle. Your repairs will be inspected to ensure your satisfaction will be guaranteed.
You don’t use body filler do you?
Technologies have changed and so have products. The Auto Shoppe only uses products that have proven themselves compatible with our Alberta environment. Our products are environmentally sensitive and can stand up to what our weather can dish out.