Collision Repair

Collision Repair In Camrose Has Never Been So Easy!

The Auto Shoppe strives to complete work on vehicles efficiently as possible. We want to get your car back on the road as soon as we can and several factors determine the success of the timelines.

When customers arrive at the shop they are asked some basic questions regarding their vehicle and the accident so we can determine the amount of possible internal damage and of course their personal well being. The inertia during an accident can be quite significant and tells us a lot about the process required for repair.

Vehicles are pre washed if required, inspected, and, if there is a possibility of hidden damage, partially disassembled during which time the technician and job repair planner create a definitive repair process for that particular vehicle.

The appraisal is done at this time and forwarded to the customer or uploaded to the insurance company claims office for review and approval. Once estimate is approved the vehicle is scheduled and parts are ordered.

Vehicles are washed and disassembled according to the repair plan and work starts. You are notified within 24 hours if we have any concerns and suggestions for additional repairs for you to consider.

All structural repairs are done by qualified techs. Vehicle then goes through the paint prep and paint area. The finish is baked to 150 degrees fahrenheit, and after cooling for at least 4 hours, the vehicle is carefully reassembled at which time any corrosion protection is done and final detail is started.

Our detail department cleans the vehicle for presentation. The customer, insurance and rental companies are notified as the vehicle goes through our processes so everyone is aware of possible completion date.  Customers are contacted and the completed vehicle is returned.